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Industrial pharmacy offers opportunities to pharmacists of all educational levels. The largest number of pharmacists is involved in marketing, sales, and administration. Some pharmaceutical manufacturers employ pharmacists as their professional service representatives, to educate physicians and pharmacists about the manufacturer’s products. This can be a rewarding career for persons with the right personality and motivation, and it is often a stepping-stone to supervisory positions in sales and a path toward integration into the administrative and sales structure of a pharmaceutical firm. Pharmacists with master’s degrees in business or additional degrees in law find additional opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry in the marketing, sales, and legal departments. Pharmacists can also serve the industry as professional communications managers and clinical research scientists; research and development personnel often have advanced degrees, although this is not always the case. Production and quality-control (or quality-assurance) supervisory positions often are held by pharmacists.

Business News

The global and UAE pharmaceutical market have experienced growth as increasing demand has been accompanied by scientific advances leading to product innovation with newer and potentially more useful medicines. This supply and demand side growth in the overall market has been accompanied by development of niche markets which are estimated to have experienced relatively fast growth, says a latest analysis by Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Sales in the UAE pharmaceutical market are estimated to have been valued at around $3.1 billion by 2018. Market size is estimated to have increased from around $2.4 billion in 2015. The majority, around 86 per cent of total pharmaceutical sales in 2018, were sales of prescription medicines. The UAE is estimated to have imported around Dh14.9 billion worth of products as part of pharmaceutical products (HS 30) from the world market in 2018, according to data from the UAE Federal Customs Authority.

Healthcare which is not related to preventive or treatment will be subject to five per cent VAT. But the following healthcare services related to well-being of human beings are zero-rated: Preventive healthcare including vaccinations; treatment-related services including medical services and dental; pharmaceutical products and medical equipment identified by the Cabinet decision

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