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In any community, people become ill and require access to health care facilities and treatment. The problem may be physical, such as diarrhoea, fever or injury, or mental, e.g. psychosis, epilepsy or a learning difficulty. Women have special needs related to pregnancy and childbirth, and children require immunization against common diseases. Regardless of the nature of the health issue, the health outcomes depend to a large degree on individuals’ ability to access health care services.

Scope of Healthcare Services

The UAE is a regional and international centre for TV and media, alongside Egypt and Lebanon. Dubai Media City and twofour54, Abu Dhabi's media zone, were set up to attract industry players.

The UAE is home to major pan-Arab broadcasters, including Saudi-owned MBC and OSN. Sky News Arabia operates from Abu Dhabi. The presence of millions of expatriates adds variety to the media scene, which caters for Arab, English-speaking and South Asian audiences. Most domestic UAE media outlets are run by state-owned Abu Dhabi Media and Dubai Media Incorporated.

Publications must be licensed and follow official guidelines on reporting. Foreign publications are censored before distribution. Journalists tend to practise self-censorship.

Scope of Healthcare Services

  • Health care facilities (rural clinics, health centres) should be within easy walking distance of the community, particularly for women and children.
  • Outreach or primary health care workers, such as health visitors and promoters, can be valuable front-line community health workers if they are provided with adequate training and support, particularly if they come from the community itself.
  • Other health service providers (pharmacists, medicine sellers, traditional healers) can provide additional health advice and care if they are given adequate training and support, and are supervised by medical staff.
  • Referral systems between different levels of health care (primary, secondary and tertiary) should be clear and comprehensible to both users and providers. The reasons for referrals are often unclear to the users, which can provoke anxiety and lead to non-attendance. In addition, many primary- and secondary-level health care workers may not understand how to refer a patient to higher levels of service, or may not recognize symptoms of more severe illness, which leads to dangerous delays in referral.

Healthcare Business News

From a small seven-bed hospital in the 1960s to a technologically advanced sector providing complex medical treatments, growth of the county's healthcare sector has many impacts - various mortality indicators have gone up drastically, especially infant mortality, which is now better than that of the United States.

The UAE's success story stems from keeping its people at the centre, by providing comprehensive, innovative, and fair healthcare services as per international standards. The UAE now has 40 public hospitals, compared with only seven in 1970. The Ministry of Health and Prevention is undertaking a multimillion-dollar programme to expand health facilities and hospitals, medical centres and a trauma centre in all the emirates.

The year 2019 has already seen several steps taken in the right direction by the minis-try in support of this Agenda. Earlier this year, Mohap launched a blockchain-based system to save and share information of health professionals, pharmacists and technicians with licensing authorities with a view to reduce time and cost while improving efficiency and data integrity.

As for healthcare, vaccinations are exempt from VAT. However, healthcare that is not preventive, and medicines and medical equipment not listed in the cabinet decision are subject to 5% VAT.

Healthcare which is not related to preventive or treatment will be subject to five per cent VAT. But the following healthcare services related to well-being of human beings are zero-rated: Preventive healthcare including vaccinations; treatment-related services including medical services and dental; pharmaceutical products and medical equipment identified by the Cabinet decision

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