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Post on 25-09-2019

Company liquidation in Dubai

UAE Company liquidation requires a certified methodology with severe adherence to formal strategies. Our particular administrations furnish you with a simple leave technique. Since you have taken the toughdecision of dissolving your organization, it's time you start acting responsibly and break up your organization as per the traditions that must be adhered to.

Organization liquidation is a long monotonous and argumentative procedure, including filling of bunch application, starting the de-enlistment process and consulting with representatives and a few government offices. To get free, you need legitimate consummation of use structures, careful deregistering of endorsements from different government offices.


Organization liquidation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

requires a certified methodology with exacting adherence to formal systems. Just a total comprehension of the current enactment can enable you to meet the liquidation prerequisites as ordered by the tradition that must be adhered to.

We have been giving profoundly concentrated Liquidation Services in Dubaiand Abu Dhabi, to constrained risk organizations, free zone organizations, and seaward organizations crosswise over UAE. With numerous effective terminations added to our repertoire, we have procured the mastery to ensure bother free liquidation to our customers.

Free Few major process for company liquidation in Dubai:

When the Board of Directors/Shareholders pass a goals for the liquidation, the responsible person which is a liquidator has to issue an acceptance letter. When the liquidation procedure is started, the liquidator broadcast the liquidation notice before all the members, both in Arabic and English, in 2 neighborhood papers. Distribution of Company Assets is done as per the percentage share of each member in the company and settlement of liabilities will be done by the directors and we will be there to assist for the same. As the last step in the liquidation process, the liquidator prepares the statement of affairs and the liquidator's report.

Let’s have a look at the step-by-step procedure for the liquidation process:

  • 1. An advertisement is published; in case any buyer wants to buy the firm. Our team of charted account will assist you from here itself.
  • 2. Clear all dues, clear the salaries of all the employees and get rid of your other liabilities and dues
  • 3. Close your current bank account, company account.
  • 4. Apply for the approval from the ministry of corporate affairs.
  • 5. Apply for the de-registration from the- FEDERAL TAX AUTHORITY
  • 6. All other procedures will be handled by the team of experts assisting you and within 3 or 4weeks your license will be canceled.

Liquidation Process in Free Zones is all the same as it is for the other organizations, but sometimes the notice period for the free zone may vary – it can be two or three weeks whereas for the other companies it is 45 days. In the event that you need to exit from every one of these customs and legalities speedier, we can assist you with that also. Company liquidation becomes easier with us and we also try our level best to crack a good deal for you by helping you with finding a client who can buy the firm at good cost.