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Real Estate business set up in Dubai

Service Description

Bizgate assists the clients to work within accords of Dubai land department. Our service allows customers to obtain the Land dept. approval for issuing real estate licenses of all kinds. However, the requirements of each transaction shall be fulfilled. All the Companies who wish to operate real estate business are eligible for this service. This service is provided by the Licenses section - Department of Real Estate Licensing Services.

Service Requirements

  • Parent company must be in Business for at least 2 years ( for companies)
  • Certificate of Real Estate practitioner course for the company owner
  • Minimum of 5 years experience in the real estate industry - For Expatriates
  • Copy of the license or commercial registration ( for companies)
  • Parent company must be in Business for at least 2 years ( for companies)
  • Copy of the memorandum of the article of association ( for companies)
  • Authorization letter from parent company to open branch office in Dubai and to appoint the branch manager
  • Local services agent is required
  • The main license activity must be similar to branch.
  • Real estate evaluation certificate from rera - only for Real Estate Valuation Services
  • Certificate membership in an international real estate appraisal association - Real Estate Valuation Services
  • Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering or diploma in engineering Construction -( for Property Inspection services)
  • ank guarantee of AED 5 million is required as per local order 2/2003 - for Leasing and Managing Other's Properties


Service Fees

  • Real Estate Consultancy fee: 5000.0 AED
  • Real Estate Mortgage Consultancy fee: 5000.0 AED
  • Property Inspection services fee: 10000.0 AED
  • Real Estate Management Supervision Services fee: 5000.0 AED
  • licensing fees for Leasing and Managing Other People's Property: 15000.0 AED
  • Self- owned Property Leasing and Management Services fee: 5000.0 AED
  • Real Estate Public Auction Organizing fee: 5000.0 AED
  • Real Estate buying & selling Brokerage fee: 5000.0 AED
  • Real Estate buying & selling Brokerage fee: 5000.0 AED
  • Real Estate Exhibition Organizing fee: 10000.0 AED
  • Owner Association Management Services fee: 10000.0 AED
  • Real Estate Survey Services fee: 5000.0 AED
  • Mortgage broker fee: 5000.0 AED
  • Renting of Residential Units on Time-Sharing Bases fee: 25000.0 AED
  • fees for Brokers who Rent out Residential Units on Time-Share Bases: 25000.0 AED
  • Real Estate Training Institute fee: 5000.0 AED
  • buying and selling of real state fee: 5000.0 AED
  • OReal Estate Representative Office fee: 5000.0 AED
  • Temporary Real Estate Development License fee: 100000.0 AED
  • Knowledge charge: 10.0 AED

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Let's Talk about Your Business

Benefits of License Registration in Dubai

  • No corporate tax
  • Duty free
  • No currency restrictions
  • No Minimum capital
  • Ability to deal with the UAE government
  • Ability to develop your business with international trade
  • Right to trade across Dubai and in the UAE
  • Office premises anywhere in mainland Dubai
  • More options on business activities
  • No limit on number of visas (Depend on office size)

Why Bizgate ?

For Business setup & Support services

  • Taking company trade name approval
  • Preparing application for business activity approval
  • Security approval if required
  • Drafting Memorandum agreement
  • Arranging reliable & strong UAE National partner
  • Office space
  • Obtaining external approval if required
  • Final submission to license issuance authority
  • POA agreement
  • Assistance in bank account openings
  • VAT Registration
  • Government Approvals