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MALTA Offshore Company Setup

LogoMalta’s tax system offers a number of advantages for foreign multinationals and wealthy individuals. On paper, a company is subject to income tax in Malta at a flat rate of 35%. In reality, Malta applies a full imputation system to relieve the economic double taxation otherwise arising on the taxation of dividends received by shareholders, which reduce the effective tax rate to just 5% for trading companies. Shareholders can receive a tax refund of up to six-sevenths of their tax paid in Malta. This system is applicable to both resident and non resident shareholders, which is why it is not considered a selective tax advantage according to European competition law. In addition, Malta appears to be an interesting place for companies to locate their intellectual property rights. Its low taxation on intellectual property income is considered by some to directly promote or prompt aggressive tax planning structures. This is combined with a lack of national anti-tax avoidance measures such as no interest-deduction-limitation rules, no controlled foreign companies’ rules or no rule to counter a mismatch in tax qualification of domestic partnership or company.


  • Low or zero taxation in the country where the company is incorporated.
  • A greater degree of privacy.
  • Less bureaucracy.
  • Reduced compliance costs.

These features make offshore companies in Malta ideal structures for safeguarding an individual’s privacy, protecting personal wealth, minimising tax and maximising a corporation’s profit.

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