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Offshore Company setup in Bahamas

LogoThe Bahamas has an estimated land area of 13,878 square kilometers (5,358 square miles) and comprises some 700 islands and 2,400 cays. Of the 700 islands, 30 are inhabited, with approximately 90% of the population on the islands of New Providence (where the capital, Nassau, is located), Grand Bahama, and Abaco.

There is heavy foreign investment; the Bahamian government restrict this in some sectors. The Bahamian government restricts foreign investments in the following sectors with a few exceptions:

  • Wholesale and retail operations
  • Commission agencies engaged in the import/export trade
  • Real estate and domestic property management agencies
  • Domestic newspaper and magazine publication
  • Domestic advertising and public relations firms
  • Security services
  • Domestic distribution and building supplies
  • Construction companies (except for special structures for which international expertise is required)
  • Personal cosmetics/beauty establishments
  • Shallow water fish, crustacean, mollusk and sponge fishing operations
  • Auto and appliance service operations
  • Public transportation.

Business License

  • Temporary Business License
  • Permanent Business Licence

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