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Food Stuff Trade License

All food establishments in Dubai must have a valid trade licence from the concerned government authorities in UAE before the start of operation.

a. The operator of the food establishment must choose the appropriate business activity at the time of obtaining the license.
b. The business activity on the trade license of food establishments shall be related to food, and the license must clearly state the exact activity the establishment is involved in.
c. Food establishments shall not carry out any other activity other than the business activity (or activities) listed in the trade license.

Bizgate helps you in establishing food related business in UAE and ready to help you in meeting all the standards are set by the UAE government.

  • restaurants, hotels, cafeterias and cafés
  • food service operations in institutions, including hospitals and schools
  • bakeries
  • butcheries
  • grocery store, supermarkets and departmental stores
  • food catering units, suppliers to cruise ships, events (desert camps), canteens
  • food factories and warehouses
  • kiosks, temporary or permanent food events, and mobile vending operations
  • food packing material manufacturers and suppliers.

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Benefits of License Registration in Dubai

  • No corporate tax
  • Duty free
  • No currency restrictions
  • No Minimum capital
  • Ability to deal with the UAE government
  • Ability to develop your business with international trade
  • Right to trade across Dubai and in the UAE
  • Office premises anywhere in mainland Dubai
  • More options on business activities
  • No limit on number of visas (Depend on office size)

Why Bizgate ?

For Business setup & Support services

  • Taking company trade name approval
  • Preparing application for business activity approval
  • Security approval if required
  • Drafting Memorandum agreement
  • Arranging reliable & strong UAE National partner
  • Office space
  • Obtaining external approval if required
  • Final submission to license issuance authority
  • POA agreement
  • Assistance in bank account openings
  • VAT Registration
  • Government Approvals