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Company setup in Bahrain

According to data starting a business there requires 7 procedures, takes 9 days, costs 80% of income per capita and requires paid I minimum capital of 189.60% on income per capita. Most indicator sets refer to a scenario in the largest business city of an economy, except for 11 economies for which the data are a population weighted average of the 2 largest business cities. Globally Bahrain stands at 140 in the ranking of 189 economies on the ease of starting a business. The ranking for comparator economies and the regional average ranking provide other useful information for assessing how easy it is for an entrepreneur in Bahrain to start a business.

There are essentially eight options available to foreign investors who are looking to undertake business/commercial activities in Bahrain:

  • With limited liability company (W.L.L.)
  • Partnership company
  • Bahrain shareholding company (B.S.C.) – public
  • Bahrain shareholding company (B.S.C.) – closed
  • Simple commandite company
  • Commandite by Shares
  • Single person company
  • Branch of a foreign company
  • Holding Company

The time required for incorporating a company or establishing a branch varies depending on the type of entity selected. We estimate the time required for incorporation of a company or establishment of a branch generally to range between two and four weeks after receipt of all fully attested required documentation.

Basic documents required for Company formation:

  • Company Registration application form
  • Draft Memorandum of Association
  • Board of Directors resolution resolving to establish the company in Bahrain (for corporate partners)
  • National ID card (Central Population Registry (CPR)) copies of the company’s representatives. If the partners are not present themselves to register the company, copies of the ID cards of their lawyers/other representatives must be provided.
  • CVs of individual partners.
  • Lease agreement as proof of the company's commercial address.

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