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Company Setup in UK

The UK is a flexible and business-minded location, historically recognised as a well-established and reputable jurisdiction in which to conduct business. Some key facts are given below
•A company can be incorporated in the UK with same day formation.
•It attracts an internationally mobile and highly-skilled workforce.
•The headline tax rate from 1 April 2013 for companies is 23%, which the government will be reducing to 21% by 2014.
•Foreign businesses coming to the UK should be aware that the accounts of all UK companies are subject to public disclosure through the Registrar of Companies.
•It has one of the largest treaty networks.

Three main licenses are given by UK business authority

  • UK establishment
  • Company
  • LLP

Current business advantages

The UK is a large and dynamic marketplace in its own right, but also benefits from being an excellent gateway to other parts of the world. Foreign investors coming to the UK have experienced its many advantages, including

  • A deep pool of workforce expertise
  • Excellent transport links with the rest of the world
  • A central time zone position ideally placed between the markets of the East and West
  • A flexible and businessminded location
  • Accessibility of language
  • A familiar gateway into the rest of Europe and a member of the EU
  • A solid,credible and long established structure for companies to build businesses
  • One of the world’s global financial centres
  • A top-class environment for research and development work
  • Opportunity to raise capital through the UK markets; and
  • A wide network of Tax Treaties.

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